24-centuries-old tomb discovered near Pyramids

The Ministry of Culture today announced that an Egyptian archaeological team has discovered an ancient tomb near the pyramids in southern Cairo. The tomb dates back to the fifth dynasty (2492BC-2345BC) and is located next to burial places for the workers who built the three pyramids.

It is believed that this discovery will lead to other discoveries.

Khafre (2576-2551 BCE), was the fourth king of the fourth dynasty–the Old Kingdom. The pharaohs of this dynasty include some of the best known kings of ancient Egypt, known for constructing pyramids.

Zahi Hawwas, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities and the head of the excavation team, said in a statement that the tomb, which belongs to an esteemed religious personality, is the “first of its kind.”

Hawwas said the tomb combines two styles of architecture, as parts of the tomb are sculpted in the rocks while other parts are built outside. The walls of the tomb carry colored engravings depicting, among other things, scenes from daily life, the birth of a calf, fishing activities, and some dances.


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