30 Mubarak supporters protest in front of Parliament

About 30 Hosni Mubarak supporters protested Thursday in front of Parliament headquarters in central Cairo, calling for the ousted former president to return to power.

The military secured the area around the protest to prevent clashes between protesters, who raised banners supporting Mubarak, and passersby.

One of the banners read "Mubarak is above suspicion and mean intrigues."

"We are not hired or forced to do this. Our love for Mubarak and the stability we enjoyed under his regime are the real motives behind our protest," said one of the protesters.

He also defended Mubarak against corruption allegations, saying, "We refuse all the false allegations circulating in the media around Mubarak's corruption."

The prosecution is conducting investigations into Mubarak's fortune and his acquisition of general funds. The European Union announced earlier this week it would freeze the deposed leader's funds in European banks.

On 28 February, the attorney general banned Mubarak and his family from traveling, and an Egyptian court also decided Tuesday to freeze Mubarak's assets.

A fact-finding committee affiliated with the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights accused Mubarak of being responsible for the deaths of protesters during the revolution. 


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