4.5 tons of expired meat, carcasses confiscated before being processed in Mansoura

The food supply investigation police in Daqahliya seized on Friday an unlicensed factory that collects waste from the poultry industry to use it in processing meat, adding colors and flavors to deceive the consumers.

A large amount of expired chicken carcasses, hamburger, minced meat and sausages, that weighed 4,425 kilograms, were found.

Daqahliya security department was notified about the presence of an unlicensed factory at a store in the basement of a five-story building in Mansoura.

Investigations showed that an owner of a food company and an owner of a food processing factory were involved.

As the factory was raided, police were able to arrest the brother of the second suspect, a 22-year old conscript, who confessed that he works in the factory without knowing anything about the validity of the items and that he was on a leave that ends on June 24.

The items were seized. Criminal investigation department was notified to conduct investigations.


Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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