60,000 Egyptian expats voted in second round of elections

Nearly 60,000 Egyptian expatriates voted in the second round of the People's Assembly elections, which concluded Thursday, Al-Masry Al-Youm has learned.

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) list garnered 25,450 votes, followed by the Egyptian Bloc list with 10,000, Nour Party list with 5300, Revolution Continues Coalition list with 2300, Wasat Party list with 2100, and Wafd Party list with 1900.

The Foreign Ministry sent out the final results of abroad voting at 10 pm Thursday night.

The Foreign Ministry received the votes from around 130 consulates and embassies around the world, said Amr Roshdy, a spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry. The Foreign Ministry then counted the votes for all list-based and single-winner candidates and sent the final results to the high elections commission, he added.

Roshdy added that the staffs of Egyptian consulates and embassies abroad exerted great efforts throughout the electoral process, emphasizing that the 60,000 votes they had to validate were equivalent to the amount of 60 electoral counting committees back in Egypt.

Saudi Arabia had the highest amount of Egyptian expatriates voting with 28,000, followed by Kuwait with 13,000 and the United Arab Emirates with 6000.

In all of South America, only one Egyptian expatriate voted in the second round.

Roshdy noted that many of the problems voters faced in the first stage were avoided by allowing expatriates to cast their votes in consulates as well as embassies, as well as allowing the validation of votes in the consulates as well.

Also helping, Roshdy added, was the extension of the mail-in voting period and that the high elections commission in Egypt handled expatriate voting inquiries.

Embassies and consulates invited representatives of Egyptian expatriate communities to observe all stages of the screening process, so as to confirm for all Egyptians the integrity and impartiality of the electoral process, said Roshdy.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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