Administrative court recuses itself from controversial cases

The State Council Administrative Court ruled Thursday that it does not have the jurisdiction to consider legal challenges to the supplement to the Constitutional Declaration or the president’s decision to reinstate the People’s Assembly, state TV reported.

The court referred challenges to the latter to the Supreme Constitutional Court, according to state-run MENA.

The State Council Administrative Court also adjourned its consideration of a challenge to the body tasked with drafting the constitution until a request to change the judges in the case is resolved.

The military-craftedsupplement to the Constitutional Declaration released last month granted the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces increased powers and limited those of the president shortly before Morsy took office.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces ordered the lower house of Parliament disbanded in mid-June after the constitutional court ruled an election law unconstitutional.  

President Mohamed Morsy issued a decree to reconvene the assembly on 8 June, but it was overruled two days later by the Supreme Constitutional Court.

Critics saw the move as disregarding the law and the judiciary, but Morsy’s supporters said the People’s Assembly should remain in place until a new body could be elected.

Morsy later announced he would respect the court’s ruling and not reconvene the assembly, but lawsuits against his decision had already been filed.

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