April 6 movement to take part in National Student Day celebrations

April 6 Youth Movement members studying at Cairo University said they will participate in celebrations for National Student Day on Tuesday.

Egyptian students are now more determined to solve the problems facing the nation and believe the country’s military rulers are responsible for political, social and economic deterioration, the members said in a statement.

The members said students’ revolutionary work in universities will continue until they get what they want for their country.

The students and other revolutionary groups plan on heading to Abbas Bridge in Giza, where marchers will gather before heading to the People’s Assembly, the students said.

The students listed their demands, which call on the ruling military council to hand over power to civilians, form a coalition government, release detained students and hold presidential elections before writing the constitution. The members are also calling for the amendment of Article 28 of the constitutional declaration, which says no one can appeal decisions issued by the presidential elections commission.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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