Arab League chief to appoint special envoy for regional ‘conflict areas’

Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa announced his intention on Wednesday to appoint a special league envoy to help promote peace in conflict-ridden areas of the region.

In a press statement, Moussa explained that the envoy would be mandated with protecting civilian populations in areas of conflict and providing care for displaced persons.

Moussa said the league was in the process of drawing up a regional strategy–entitled "Protection of Arab Women: Peace and Security"–in cooperation with the Arab Women's Organization and the UN Development Fund for Women. The strategy is expected to be officially unveiled early next year.

According to Moussa, the strategy will focus on increasing female participation at all levels of decision-making within national, regional and international institutions with a view towards preventing conflict and promoting peace.

The Arab League chief also pointed out that the strategy aimed to protect women from domestic violence and promote women's education, training and rehabilitation.

Moussa concluded by stressing the importance of Arab summit resolutions and available mechanisms for joint Arab action in terms of the social, economic and cultural rights of Arab populations that currently suffer from conflict or foreign military occupation.

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