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At least 20 Palestinians have died due to malnutrition since start of war, Gaza health ministry says

From CNN’s Kareem Khadder, Abeer Salman, Ibrahim Dahman and Celine Alkhaldi

At least 20 people have died due to malnutrition and dehydration since the war began in Gaza, including a 15-year-old boy who was declared dead at the Al-Shifa medical complex on Wednesday, the Palestinian health ministry in the enclave said.

The youngest child to die of starvation and lack of medical attention was one day old, according to Dr. Hussam Abu Safiya, the director of Kamal Adwan Hospital. Several other children who died were less than a year old.

“The famine is deepening and will claim thousands of citizens if the aggression is not stopped and humanitarian and medical aid is not immediately entered” into Gaza, ministry spokesperson Dr. Ashraf Al-Qidra said Wednesday.

United Nations experts have accused Israel of “intentionally starving” Palestinians in the strip. Gazans told CNN their children are starving to death and mothers cannot breastfeed their babies.

Death toll: The warning comes as the number of people killed by the Israeli military in Gaza rose to at least 30,717, with over 72,000 wounded since October 7.

CNN cannot independently confirm the deaths of the children or their causes due to the lack of international media access to Gaza, but there have been increasingly urgent warnings about hunger in the strip from international agencies who get in.

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