Attempt to smuggle heroine, opium at Nuweiba thwarted

Nuweiba Port detectives foiled an attempt to smuggle 14 kg of heroin and 5 kg of opium.
Criminal investigators from Nuweiba Port in coordination with the General Directorate for Drug Control and the Department of Civil Protection revealed the intentions of Hussein A., laborer and resident in Minya Governorate, and Hassan M., labror and Minya resident, to smuggle drugs in their personal luggage on their way back coming from an Arab country.
The two suspects were found carrying 25 rolls of heroin that weighed 14 kg, and 10 rolls of opium that weighed 5 kg.
Authorities say the men confessed to knowingly carrying the drugs in order to them over to their contact, a man called Taha F. in Minya. He was arrested and confessed the incident.
The prosecution took over investigations.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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