Attempted attack on MB leader in Tahrir

Muslim Brotherhood leading member Mahmoud Ghozlan was subjected to an attempted attack in the vicinity of Tahrir Square in central Cairo on Sunday evening.

The group’s spokesperson Ahmed Aref told the press on Monday that “Ghozlan was not exposed to any harm. All that happened was a few people attacked his car near Tahrir Square, spontaneously and not deliberately.”

Ghozlan then left the area quickly, Aref said.

Aref said that the case will not be pursued and no one will face charges, “because the group does not want the issue to become unnecessarily bigger, especially as the incident was not intentional.”

Ghozlan refused to comment on the attempted attack, and told Turkish news Agency Anadolu that “the matter is simple and did not result in significant damages.”

According to witnesses, a group of demonstrators in Tahrir Square tried to smash Ghozlan’s car while he was inside it, after they identified him, but he locked the car.

Ghozlan did not respond to them even after they smashed the glass of his car. Protestors surrounded his car were chanting slogans against the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as the “rule of the Supreme Guide,” in reference to the intervention of the Brotherhood in the decisions of President Mohamed Morsy, who was one of its leaders before becoming president in June of last year.

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