Unprecedented heat wave in Europe causes temps to rise above 6C normal, Egypt remains stable

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) announced that satellites and floating stations in the Mediterranean Sea have recorded unprecedented rises in sea surface temperature.

EMA expects temperatures to remain stable in all parts of the country.

The Meteorological authority advised citizens to wear loose and cotton clothes, drink cold drinks, stay away from direct sunlight during peak hours, and wear a cap when going out to the street.


Temperatures on Tuesday:

Alexandria 29C

Matrouh 28C

Cairo 33C

Great Sohag 38C

Qena 41C

Aswan 42C


Meteorologists attributed this to the long period that Western European countries were exposed to during a strong and unprecedented heat wave for many decades in France, Spain and Germany.

Italy revealed that the sea surface temperature in its territorial waters reached 26C, an increase of 6C in June.

Meteorologists announced that the rise in temperatures makes water warmer and evaporates faster and charges the air with a high amount of moisture that fuels severe weather phenomena.

Southeastern France and northeastern Spain recorded 49C over three days ago, and the surface temperature of the earth exceeded the 50C over Italy.

Meteorologists said that today’s heat wave extends to eastern Europe.

Meteorologists attributed the severe heat wave to the problems caused by climate change, expecting deaths in the event that the severe weather wave continues.



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