Authorities pledge to restore damaged church within a month

Giza Governor Ali Abdel Rahman on Wednesday pledged to restore the Virgin Mary Church in Imbaba – damaged during sectarian clashes in the neighborhood on Saturday – within three or four weeks.

The Arab Contractors Co. presented an estimate of the costs, which will be reviewed by the governorate with the next two days, Abdel Rahman said. He said he expects work on the church to begin early next week. 

At least 15 people died and 240 were injured during sectarian violence in the Cairo neighborhood of Giza Governorate. The clashes started after rumors spread that a woman who converted to Islam was being detained in a church there. 

Two churches were set on fire and several buildings were damaged during the violence, including a cafĂ©, a bakery and a number of residential properties.

Abdel Rahman said the Arab Contractors had received the military permits necessary to begin restoration. He said the company was chosen because it will include decorative restorations, for which the company has a "long history."

The governorate plans to offer tender to specialist Egyptian companies and choose the least expensive bidder with the most technical expertise, Abdel Rahman said. 

He said Egyptian authorities wanted to ensure that the owners of damaged property receive compensation. He added that the legal heirs of those killed in the events will be determined Thursday, and the statements would be reviewed to estimate the compensations for the families of those killed as well as people who were injured.

The governor said LE5000 would be paid to the families of the deceased and up to LE2000 to the injured, according to the extent of injury, by the middle of next week.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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