Bassem Youssef criticizes disregard of deadline for AIDS and Hep C curing devices

Satirist and TV presenter Bassem Youssef criticized state institutions for ignoring the deadline announced by the armed forces to test the credibility of the hepatitis C and AIDS curing devices, saying it showed disrespect to Egyptians. 
"The deadline for the 'Kofta' device has passed without any reaction or accountability. Mocking people has become normal — we have an authority that is unconcerned with people and a media that is detached from them," Youssef wrote on Twitter Tuesday.
"Doctors, generals and journalists who promoted the biggest scientific scandal in the history of Egypt will not be held accountable. Welcome to further mockery of Egyptians," he added.
Youssef's comments refer to Major General Ibrahim Abdul Atti's announcement February 2014 that the Egyptian army had developed a technology to detect and cure hepatitis C and AIDs, while using Kofta as a metaphor for the cure.
An edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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