Brotherhood admits mistakes in new statement

The Muslim Brotherhood acknowledged mistakes it made after the 25 January revolution and called on all revolutionary forces to put aside their differences and unite over the document it has issued under the title of “Charter of Morals and Honor”.
The group said in a statement on Tuesday that the forces of 25 January lost all the revolution's achievements and must now unite around one goal, namely to topple the current regime and restore the democratic path.
"The coup made use of the differences between the revolutionary forces and snatched power," the statement claimed, adding that the charter ensures that not only will the current regime be toppled, but that tyranny would not come back.
"We made mistakes, for whoever rules out others rules out himself and whoever accommodates others does so for the good of the homeland," the statement added. "The next stage has room for everyone and not just a particular faction, for everyone works according to his energy and ability, while the homeland embraces all."
The statement said accusations of treason, hijacking the revolution, holding secret deals, snitching power and justifying violence must all stop. 
It also called for ending racism, sectarianism, class discrimination, denial of the other, mistrust, humiliation, demonization and the sanctification of a certain individual, group, organization, movement or party.
The group suggested forming a secretariat of agreed-upon figures to begin a reconciliation process between all forces and formulate ethical rules and procedures that can achieve unity.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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