Brotherhood and Salafis coordinating again for elections

The Democratic Coalition, which is dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, is coordinating again with Salafi groups in preparation for the upcoming parliamentary elections, just a few days after a wave of heated exchanges took place between them.

Coalition leading figure Wahid Abdel Meguid said there is coordination with the Salafi Nour Party in a certain electoral constituency in Giza over individual parliamentary seats, a fact which Nader Bakar of the Nour Party has confirmed, adding that similar coordination is taking place with the Sufi parties.

“We all have a common objective of supporting the Islamic Sharia,” he said.

Abdel Meguid explained that 75 percent of the coalition's candidacy lists come from the Brotherhood’s party because the other member parties decided not to run for individual seats or under the classification of the farmers and the workers.

He also said the party is considering the slogan of "The Islamic Sharia is the main source of legislation" for their electoral campaign.

Meanwhile, Hany Mahmoud, the head of the cabinet’s Election Coordination Committee, said the Brotherhood would be violating the law if it insisted on its slogan of "Islam is the Solution," pointing to an imminent meeting to resolve this issue before the election date.

In related news, there was a large turnout from former members of the dissolved National Democratic Party submitting their candidacies in several governorates on Sunday, a day before the application deadline.

Minya Governorate, meanwhile, saw the largest number of female candidates, with 21 women competing over both individual and list-based seats.

The Continuous Revolution Coalition is also submitting its list on Monday.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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