Cairo Today dispute with production company remains unresolved

Media Production City (MPC) and the satellite television network "Orbit" have failed to reached a resolution, five days after a dispute erupted over payment of program time slots.

MPC says it has closed its studios for Orbit after the network failed to make the required payment. Orbit insists the payment is ready but the MPC is refusing to take it for an unknown reason.

The result was that all daily programs were stopped, including the popular Cairo Today talk show.

“We told them we issued checks for LE5 million which cover our dues as of 8 September,” said Orbit Financial Manager Felix Sarhan. “But they refused to take them.”

“This is not a problem between two companies,” he said. “I believe there is a higher authority behind the scenes.”

Sarhan said Orbit can shoot the talk show in five other countries, “but Cairo Today is an Egyptian show that should not be broadcast from elsewhere.”

He also denied allegations that the show was taken off air because of certain public stances of host Amr Adib.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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