CBE raises daily withdrawals to LE30K from ATM machines

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) on Monday moved to increase the daily maximum limit for cash withdrawals from ATMs to LE 30,000 instead of LE 20,000.

In a statement issued on Monday, the CBE announced an increase in the daily maximum limit for cash withdrawals from bank branches to LE 250,000 for individuals and companies instead of LE 150,000.

The CBE also obligated banks to review their internal policies to reflect the amended limits, while updating the policy of maximum cash withdrawal limits for foreign currencies set by each bank and approved by its Board of Directors.

These orders also referred back to the CBE’s instructions issued on August 25, 2022 regarding the maximum limits for cash withdrawals and deposits – whether from bank branches or ATMs – and comes as part of the Central Bank’s desire to provide further facilitation for citizens and companies.

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