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Charwood’s, Mohandessin: the steak of your dreams

When was the last time you had a steak that you really enjoyed? You might need a minute or two to remember such an unlikely meal in a city such as Cairo where steaks are usually either chewy and dry, or just completely inedible. You can count the number of restaurants that offer a reliable steak on one hand but Charwood’s is definitely is at the top.

As you leave behind the craziness of the Mohandessin streets and enter the doors of Charwood’s, you are greeted by a brace of chefs standing at the meat counter, where you can buy all manner of meat cuts to create your own meal at home. Just a couple of steps up and you are in the dining room of the British-themed restaurant, where you are shepherded to your table. As you look around you can see the menus, written with chalk on blackboards hanging on the walls. Long lists of grills, pizzas, drinks and sweets are listed, and the waiter will give you time to take in the choices while bringing you a delicious complimentary green salad with a mysterious and scrumptious dressing as you prepare to order your meal.

Whilst waiting, you can while away the time in private conversation in the discreet atmosphere of the restaurant. The waiters are near enough to hear you call, but always give you the appropriate amount of space for your intimate conversation with a date or an enjoyable gathering with friends and family, as the ambience, with its slightly dimmed lights and positive energy, suites both events perfectly.

A long colorful list of grilled steaks is presented for you to pick from, which brings you to the confusing part—choosing the right cut. The only downside to the menu is in the amateur’s inability to know what exactly to expect from the fancy names. Unless you’re an expert on different styles of cooking steak, or you have a favorite dish that you always order whatever the steak house, you might have to ask the waiter for a description of each and every item in the hopes of meeting that steak of your dreams.

The pizzas are also a great choice for those who want a cheaper option with a huge variety of authentic toppings for those who enjoy Italian cuisine. The dessert menu, however, is limited and underwhelming with a lemon tart the only highlight on the short menu of three or four traditional items.

Food presentation is a definite plus at Charwood’s– where your food is served on beautiful and unusual tableware. Some of the dishes are made of wood, others of sparkling glass, and the way the food is arranged in the dish is inviting and–almost–seductive.

So when the steak craving hits–escape the rubbery pseudo-fillets that are rampant around the city and treat yourself to a real steak at Charwood’s.

The address of the restaurant is 53, Gam’et al-Doul Street, Mohandessin, and phone number is 02-37490893. Reservation is a must in the afternoon and a meal for two excluding drinks costs around LE250.

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