CIHRS moves regional, international programs outside Egypt citing threats against human rights groups

The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies has decided to move all its regional and international programs outside Egypt as result of the ongoing threats against human rights organizations.
CIHRS cited escalating security pressure as well as the new law that requires NGOs to register with the government. The organization is particularly threatened as it has passed the 20 November deadline for NGO registration, called for by the Social Solidarity Ministry.
In a statement issued on 9 December, CIHRS claimed that Egypt's current atmosphere will negatively affect its current and future plans. The organization also hopes the hostile atmosphere against human rights groups will ameliorate in the future. The institute has programs on education, media and spreading culture of human rights.
The organization has moved to Tunisia, where it has legal registration.
CIHRS Director Bahey Eldin Hassan, according to the statement, met in July with Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb and handed him a memorandum signed by 23 Egyptian rights group demanding that the ministry withdraw the draft law on associations declared on 26 June 2014 and submitted by former Social Solidarity Minister Ahmed al-Bor’ie to cabinet in January. The memorandum also urged return to negotiations over the draft law.
The institute, according to the statement, also sent a memorandum to President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in August demanding suspension of the 2002 law on associations until a democratic law that conforms to constitution is issued by the elected coming parliament.

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