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Clashes on Egypt-Israel borders, smugglers arrested

The Israeli army announced that 20 people, including gunmen, approached the Israeli border with Egypt near the Nitzana Border Crossing (al-Ouga), resulting in an opening of fire that left one dead and several arrested.

Israeli media had reported earlier about the shooting on the border with Egypt on Monday.

An Egyptian security source said that “Egyptian forces thwarted an attempt to smuggle drugs on the border with Israel,” RT reported.

He confirmed that clashes took place during the thwarting of a drug smuggling attempt south of Ouga crossing between Egypt and Israel, with six smugglers arrested.

The former commander of the Israeli Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gershon Hacohen, spoke earlier about a plan for Tel Aviv to gain full control over the border crossings between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

He added that the Army General Command believes that there is an open breach in this area that must be blocked and cannot be ignored.

The goal of this is to close the Rafah crossing, under the pretext that there is a security breach within the area allowing for the smuggling of weapons into Gaza.

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