Classes resume at schools in Bulaq blast vicinity

Education Ministry spokesperson Hani Kamal said classes were resumed normally at the schools of the vicinity of the Foreign Ministry bomb blast.

He added that the reason the minister of education did not visit those schools is that the blast was targeting the police and not the schools. “Also, he is busy opening schools in Qena,” he said.
“We reassure parents that security measures in schools and their surroundings are tight,” he said, pointing out that the Foreign Ministry blast was coincidentally near those schools. 
Only 30 out of 250 pupils of the nearby Abul Farag went to school after the blast, while teachers said parents would be more reassured when they children attend regularly.
The Ministry of Education decided on Sunday to close five schools in the vicinity of the explosion that took place in Bulaq in the morning, killing two policemen and wounding seven others.
The schools that were to be closed were Abul Farag Elementary, Sidq al-Wafa, Al-Tahrir, Al-Salam and Al-Nil. 
Ministry spokesperson Hani Kamal said on Sunday that the schools would remain closed until further notice when security is stabilized.
Scores of parents gathered outside Abul Farag Elementary to denounce the terrorist attack and demanded that the Interior Ministry secure better the schools and their surroundings. 
Minister of Education Mahmoud Abul Nasr said on Sunday that all schools are fully secured as per a protocol signed with the Interior Ministry, adding that the ministry aims for a strong start of the school year.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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