CNN: Explosion in Egypt kills at least 6; ISIS claims responsibility

An explosion in Egypt killed six people, including three police officers and a civilian who was passing by, the Interior Ministry said Thursday.
ISIS claimed responsibility for the blast in a statement posted to Twitter that was retweeted by several supporters. ISIS claimed to have killed 10 security officers and wounded 20 others.
The explosion in Giza, Egypt's third-largest city, occurred after a joint police force raid at an apartment where members of the "terrorist Muslim Brotherhood" group made and stored explosives and IEDs, the ministry.
"As the explosive expert was working on one of these explosives to secure the apartment, a booby trap blew up," killing three police officers and a citizen passing by, the ministry said.
Two unidentified bodies were found and 13 people were injured, according to the ministry.
Meanwhile, state-run news outlet Ahram Online said the blast killed 10 people, seven policemen and three civilians.
Lt. Col. Mohamed Amin, the head of investigations department at the Haram police station, was among those injured, Ahram Online said.

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