Constant follow up of pilgrims’ condition to ensure their safety and wellbeing

Ahmed Saleh, a senior official at the office of the Egyptian mission for tourist package pilgrimage in al Madina al Munawara, asserted that the travel movement of pilgrims from Makka al Mukarama to al Madina al Munawara after finishing their pilgrimage rituals is constantly being followed up.

The mission has appointed a task force for locating any missing pilgrims or lost belongings in al Madina al Munawara, Saleh said.

The mission succeeded in securing the return of 40 lost pilgrims, he said, adding that at present there has been none reported missing.

As many as 723 supervisors from tourism companies work on serving the pilgrims, he said.

The movement of the pilgrims is being followed up around the clock whether during their stay in Makka or in al Madina to ensure their safety, comfort and wellbeing, he added.

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