Constitutional draft adds ruling on Egyptian flag

The panel responsible for amending Egypt's 2012 Constitution made on Saturday a last minute amendment to their draft.
The 10-person panel of legal experts and constitutional lawyers added a provision to Article 185, which deals with Egypt's flag and national anthem.
“The national flag for the Arab Republic of Egypt consists of three colors, black, white and red, in addition to an eagle depicting the Eagle of Saladin with a yellow-golden color. The law defines its slogan, medals, insignia, seal, and national anthem,” the article stated.
The articles in the previous version of the Constitution lacked any stipulation on the Egyptian flag.
Article 167 on the State Litigation Authority and Article 168 on the Administrative Prosecution were also both edited. 
The Shura Council print house is currently printing the final edition of the latest Constitution, which will be delivered to interim President Adly Mansour late Saturday.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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