Coptic activist submits application to form liberal political party

Coptic activist Michael Mounir has submitted an application to the Party Affairs Committee to form the Hayat Party.

"It took us only six weeks to meet all the conditions [for recognition],” Mounir said. “This makes us one of the parties that were established in a short time after the revolution.

The Hayat Party describes itself as a liberal party that believes in human rights and freedom under a civil state, and that rejects a theocratic or military regime. It also calls for a constitution derived from a document that guarantees the rights and freedoms of citizens in accordance with international conventions, religions and the human nature.

Such a constitution should be prepared by an impartial committee of legal experts that works under no restrictions.

The party is based on the principles of freedom, human rights, a civil state, comprehensive development, social justice, the sanctity of state resources, the sovereignty of the law, pluralism and democracy.

It also stands for freedom of access to information, equality, fair appointment to public posts, realizing the capabilities of the youth, and financial independence.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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