IS distributes guide on intercourse with female war captives

Members of the terrorist organization calling itself the Islamic State has distributed pamphlets in the Levant region, guiding soliders on the conditions of sexual intercourse with women captured in wars, according to CNN's website.
The guide, which was signed by the so-called Office of Research and Ifta (Religious Edict), contains 32 questions and answers. The pamphlet advised that having intercourse with “infidel women” was allowed. The pamphet also argued that intercourse with converts from Islam is allowed, though although Islamic scholars say it is not.
The IS pamphlet then addressed a situation in which a woman is captured by two men, saying that both of them could not have sexual intercourse with her, as one of them should either concede or sell her to the other. It also said that no man may even kiss a woman captured by another man because kissing is enjoying, and no man is permitted to enjoy what he does not “possess.”
The guide also said that men may have sex with a girl who has not yet reached puberty as long as it is “possible,” though it does clarify what this meant. Otherwise, the pamphlet said, she maybe “enjoyed in ways other than intercourse.”
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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