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Dozens of Sudanese refugees escaping war die from heatwave on their way to Egypt

Dozens of Sudanese refugees have reportedly died due to sunstroke and dehydration during their perilous journey from Sudan to Egypt in order to escape the raging war between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces, the al-Jazeera channel reported.

The Sudanese News Agency also confirmed that the searing heatwave has caused the deaths of dozens of refugees fleeing into Egypt.

This comes amid escalating official warnings to avoid “land trafficking” to Egypt due to an unprecedented heat wave that the country is witnessing, especially in the city of Aswan, located in the farthest part of Upper Egypt, with temperatures reaching as high as 49.6C in the shade.

The Sudanese Consul in Aswan, Abdul-Qadir Abdullah, offered his condolences to the people of Sudan and the families of the deceased refugees, the Sudanese News Agency reported.

It noted that five days ago, many bodies arrived at hospital, having died of sunstroke, dehydration and some due to traffic accidents.

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