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Dubai police investigates verbal attack against Egyptian actress

Major General Khalil Ibrahim al-Mansoury, deputy commander in chief for criminal investigations' affairs with the Dubai police, said the attack by an Emirati woman against Egyptian actress Abeer Sabry and her friend is not representative of Emirati people who respect all people from all nationalities.
In remarks to the Emirati Al Bayan newspaper, Mansoury said the act by the Emirati woman lacked respect, as the woman claimed they were wearing indecent clothes. He added that necessary measures will be taken against the woman who portrayed a negative image of Emirati society. He also said that Sabry had not filed a complaint and that cameras will be checked after contacting the actress.
Mansoury said the Emirati law prevents photographing any person or posting any videos without permission.
He also said that the incident does not represent the Emirates or its laws and that the actress and her friend appeared to be wearing regular outfits in the video.
Internet users circulated a video of Emiratis mocking Sabry and actress friend Ferial Youssef for the clothes they were wearing on Tuesday.
Meanwhile, Sabry told Bayan that what happened was an unfortunate encounter, but that she loves the Emirati people. She did not understand why the woman was attacking her, adding that the woman was likely trying to provoke her.
Sabry said she was in Dubai to shoot a TV show that will be aired during Ramadan and that she will file a complaint via official channels against the woman whose identity is currently unknown. She also added that she was surprised when she heard that the video had gone viral on the Internet.

Do you think that this lady is rightly raising an alarm at another’s dressing style?The woman being confronted, Abeer Sabry, is an Egyptian actress.

Posted by Khaleej Times on Monday, May 11, 2015

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