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An easy technique for home flower arranging

Flower arranging is a creative and relaxing activity that can be easily performed at home. All you need is to learn how to customize your bouquet according to your favorite flowers and colors, and how to ensure your beautiful arrangement lasts for the maximum possible time.
— Bowl or container (it does not have to be for flowers)
— Floral foam (green is the best type for fresh flowers)
— Sharp knife or stem cutter
— Camellia leaves
— Your favorite type of flowers
1.) Soak the green foam in a bowl or container of water. Allow it to float on the water and watch it slowly sink as the water is absorbed. Once the top of the foam is level with the surface of the water, it has absorbed the right amount.
2.) Cut the foam according to the dimensions of the container. Keep the foam just a little higher than the container.
3.) Leave the foam to drain for a few seconds.
4.) Fill in and around the foam with camellia leaves, which will both hide the foam and give the impression of natural undergrowth. You can also hide the foam between the flowers by adding some pebbles or seashells after finishing.
5.) Cut at least 1cm off the flower stems at an angle using a sharp knife or stem cutter. Cutting in this way allows the flower to draw up more water. If you want your arrangement to look orderly, make sure to cut all the stems the same height.
6.) Start arranging the flowers from the center to the sides.
7.) Place long-stemmed flowers such as tulips, lilies, daffodils or poppies at the back of the arrangement.
— Supply the foam with water daily to prevent flowers from becoming wilted.
— Do not use the same chunk of floral foam for more than one arrangement.
— Keep your finished arrangement in a cool place and never expose it to direct sunlight, because high temperatures cause the water to be absorbed quickly and the flowers to dry out.

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