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Egypt airdrops more humanitarian aid into Gaza

High-ranking Egyptian sources announced Tuesday that “the Egyptian Air Force carried out an airdrop of urgent humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip, with the participation of Jordan and the UAE.”

The sources confirmed that “Egypt is intensifying its efforts by land and air; to relieve the stricken areas in the northern Gaza Strip and supply them with urgent aid,” the AlQahera News Channel reported on Tuesday.

The sources pointed out that “the Egyptian Air Force succeeded in dropping 10 tons of food and relief aid in areas of the northern Gaza Strip.”

Up to five tons of Egyptian humanitarian aid were dropped in the northern and central Gaza Strip, the sources reported.

They added that an Egyptian air bridge was established to drop 50 tons of urgent humanitarian aid into northern and central Gaza Strip.

The AlQahera News Channel reported an informed Egyptian source as saying that Cairo is preparing to establish an Egyptian field hospital inside the Gaza Strip that will include equipped operating rooms.

The source added that “Egypt has completed the establishment of the second shelter camp for the displaced inside the Gaza Strip,” noting that “Egypt is taking the necessary measures to establish a third shelter camp for the displaced north of Deir al-Balah Governorate.”

“Egypt aims to provide relief, shelter and treatment to thousands of Palestinians displaced by the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip,” the source said.


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