Egypt and Turkey conclude joint naval exercise

The joint Egyptian-Turkish naval maneuvers dubbed “Sea of Friendship 2011” came to an end on Thursday.

The exercises, which took place in Turkish territorial waters, saw naval vessels, special forces units, and F-16 and SH-2G fighter jets conducting 23 simulations of peace-time and war-time operations.

The forces engaged in simulated combat using live ammunition, as well as defense operations against arial, chemical and electronic attacks. Other exercises involved securing a harbor against mines, combating pirates using speed boats, and saving vessels from fire.

“The Egyptian Navy is highly trained and possesses modern weapons. It’s quite capable of protecting Egypt's coasts and territorial waters,” said Lieutenant General Mohab Mamish, commander of the Egyptian Navy.

“The navy secures Egyptian harbors against any external or internal aggression,” he added. “The Egyptian Navy’s good reputation attracts the world’s militaries to participate with it in joint training programs.”

Mamish said that the maneuvers have no political implications and are not directed at any particular countries.

Admiral Murat Bilgel, commander of the Turkish naval forces, exphasized the long-term nature of cooperation between the two countries. “We look forward to more joint training,” he said.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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