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Egypt condemns Israel’s ‘shameful violations’ following mass grave discovery in Khan Younis

Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ahmed Abu-Zeid said that it is regrettable and shameful that international law continues to be violated so crudely in the 21st century in full view of the world, relevant international organizations and the UN Security Council.

This came as part of Abu-Zeid’s comments on Monday on the discovery of mass graves in a medical complex in Khan Younis, southern Gaza.

Abu-Zeid condemned Israel’s repeated violations of international laws in Gaza Strip, which target unarmed civilians, displaced persons, and medical personnel.

Immediate intervention is required by the international community to stop these violations, he said, and to conduct the necessary investigations to hold all perpetrators accountable.

Abu-Zeid added that the killing, destruction and violence witnessed in the West Bank over the past weeks only further aggravates the crisis and threatens to implode the situation in all occupied Palestinian territories.

He further stressed that there must be an immediate end to the violence carried by settlers under the protection of Israeli forces against Palestinian civilians, their property and homes in the West Bank.

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