Egypt denies Israeli bulldozer was shot at on border

An Egyptian security source on Thursday denied Israeli media reports that an Israeli bulldozer working on the construction of the separation barrier between the two countries had been shot at. Work at the site was halted.

Egyptian security contacted all posts on the borders, including troops at the Egyptian frontier with Israel and patrols, and no breaches or violations were spotted, the source told DPA, adding that security bodies received no reports of any abnormal activities.

“The Egyptian-Israeli border is combed on a daily basis,” the source said, adding that such news aims at spreading confusion and instability.

Israeli radio said Thursday that a vehicle from the defense ministry took light fire from the Egyptian side near the Ogah crossing, which caused damage to a vehicle taking part in the construction of the border wall.

The Egyptian-Israeli border has long been a conduit for smuggling guns and African migrants into Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced in early January a plan to build a fence on the Israeli border with Jordan after finishing the wall on the Egyptian border in an attempt to stem the flow of migrants seeking job opportunities at Israel.

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