Egypt to discuss nuclear plans in Paris, Washington

Minister of Electricity and Energy Hassan Younis will hold talks in Washington and Paris in mid-January to discuss Egypt's plans to establish its first nuclear power station, according to a source at the Ministry of Electricity and Energy.

Egypt will invite bidders for an international tender for implementation of the project in late January.

The same source reported a US readiness to train Egyptian personnel on running compressed water reactors, and said Younis will invite US companies specialized in compressed water reactors to take part in the bidding.

Egypt hopes bidders will not impose preconditions that could damage its future interests, according to the source.

The US government has arranged for visits by the Egyptian delegation to several nuclear plants run using compressed water, established by Westinghouse. Egypt has abandoned the idea of running boiling water reactors. 

Younis will also discuss personnel training with US officials, according to the source. Egypt previously started training sessions with Russia.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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