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Egypt establishes its first station to generate energy from waste

Minister of Military Production Mohamed Salah Eddin Mostafa met with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Green Tech Egypt, Robert Falk, to discuss the latest developments in establishing Egypt’s first station to treat municipal solid waste and convert it into electrical energy.

Mostafa assured Egypt’s interest in creating a supportive climate to encourage environmental investments to confront climate change and involve the private sector in projects that support this field – particularly projects to establish and raise the efficiency of waste recycling factories.

He further highlighted the ministry’s eagerness to aid various national projects to support Egypt’s comprehensive and sustainable development, by benefiting from the surplus production capacities of its various companies.

The minister noted that his ministry, as part of its cooperation with Green Tech Egypt and OAK companies, has begun executive implementing the project to establish a treatment plant in the Abu Rawash area in Giza Governorate.

The station aims to convert waste with a capacity of 1,200 tons per day to produce electricity at 30 megawatts per hour, cleaning the environment, enhancing climate security in Egypt, and improving the living conditions of citizens.

Falk presented the executive position on procedures for starting the project.

He also praised the continuous coordination between the various parties concerned with the implementation of this project, which will achieve a significant positive impact on the environment and the Egyptian national economy.

Falk expressed his appreciation for the Egyptian state’s efforts to expand projects to diversify its energy sources, -especially clean and renewable energy – and its keenness to integrate the private sector within the waste management system.

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