Egypt General Prosecutor orders investigation into Nasr City explosion

Prosecutor General Nabil Sadek ordered an investigation into the explosion of a car bomb that targeted a judge on Friday morning.

A car bomb exploded on Friday in the Nasr City area, causing no injuries, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.
The explosion targeted judge Ahmed Abou Al-Fotouh who ruled in the Ittihadiya palace case whose defendants included former president Mohamed Morsi and other Muslim Brotherhood leaders, the statement added.
However, there were minor damages for adjacent cars, and the area is currently being scanned. According to state news agency MENA, state security prosecutors went to the scene to investigate the attack.    
The Court of Cassation last month upheld a 20-year sentence handed down to Morsi and 12 other Muslim Brotherhood leaders in case dubbed as presidential palace clashes.
The verdict is final and cannot be appealed. 
The defendants were convicted of detaining, torturing and inciting violence against protesters outside the Ittihadiya presidential palace during his tenure in December 2012. 
Following the ouster of Morsi in July 2013, targeted attacks have become a more frequent occurrence. In late June 2015, an explosion targeted and killed general prosecutor Hisham Barakat in Heliopolis.

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