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Egypt imposes fine for not voting in Egyptian elections at LE500

The National Elections Authority (NEA) revealed that citizens who have reached the age of 18 have been included in the voter lists and are obligated to vote in the presidential elections by law.

Those who fail to vote are subject to an LE500 fine if they fail to participate in the elections without an excuse, the NEA said.

The 2024 presidential elections began on Sunday and end on Tuesday evening.

The polling stations open their doors at nine am until nine pm under full judicial supervision and with the participation of 14 international organizations to follow up on the voting, with Tuesday being the last day of voting in the 2024 presidential elections.

The NEA set December 14 for it to receive appeals against the decisions of the general committees.

The appeals submitted against the decisions of the general committees and election committees abroad will be decided on December 15-16, while the general result of the presidential elections will be announced on December 18.


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