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Egypt launches electronic litigation system in State Council courts

The President of the Egyptian State Council Adel Azab announced on Tuesday that an electronic litigation system has now been launched in the courts of the State Council.

This came during the opening of the new headquarters of the State Council in New Cairo.

Azab explained that the process of digital transformation has become necessary for judicial authorities and judicial bodies because of its great impact in speeding up the adjudication of cases, analyzing data, saving time and money, and increasing innovation.

He added that this system serves justice and the law through technological means that enable raising the efficiency of the judicial work system and speeding up adjudication in lawsuits, simplifying procedures for all parties to the dispute, performance governance, and reducing paper trading.

This is a historical shift in litigation procedures, he noted, which starts from the filing of the case until the issuance of the ruling.

It falls in line with the state’s strategy towards integration in the digital transformation process and achieving integrity, transparency and combating corruption to reach complete justice.

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