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Egypt MP claims Israeli competitor to Suez Canal behind Gaza displacement crisis

Egyptian MP Mostafa Bakry, a member of the House of Representatives, on Friday claimed the current crisis in Gaza goes deeper then it seems and referred to an Israeli canal being developed since November that will be a competitor to the Suez Canal, passing through Gaza – which Bakry believes is a major reason to why Israel wants Gaza evacuated.

During his speech at the emergency plenary session of the House of Representatives, Bakry explained that this project is called the Ben Gurion Canal and goes from Eilat to Gaza and back.

This canal will finish in three years and will become a real issue for the Suez Canal, with revenues estimated at six billion dollars annually, he said.

Bakry continued that the Ben Gurion Canal aims “to harm the Suez Canal, and the plan is clearly to empty Gaza.”

“The ground invasion will take place within a few days. They realize the necessity of this step to get rid of Hamas, so the message to the Arab nation is: The decisive moment has arrived, and we have pressure cards, foremost of which is oil,” he added.

“Now the Egyptian people are 99 percent behind President Sisi, and we must continue the inevitable state of support for President Sisi in these circumstances.”

He said: “We authorize President Sisi to protect the security of Egypt and the Arab nation. All of Egypt has risen up. All of Egypt’s youth are in the streets with you (Sisi).”

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