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Egypt participates for first time in the Holy Family’s journey in largest religious exhibition in Italy

In the first trip to promote the Holy Family’s journey outside Egypt, the religious exhibition “Queen” was launched in the Italian city of Vicenza with the participation of 30 countries including Egypt.

Egypt participates in the exhibition with a pavilion represented by the Foundation for the Modesty and Development of Heritage and the Egyptian-Italian itinerary.

Bishop Anthony of Milan is representing the Egyptian Church.

Egypt displayed seven paintings that depict the most important points of the Holy Family’s journey drawn by Dr. Manal Metwally.

The Tourism Promotion Authority supported Egypt’s pavilion with brochures and gifts that were presented to the visitors of the exhibition.

The Bishop of Vincenza, Don Giuliano, expressed his happiness with Egypt’s participation in the Holy Family’s journey itinerary for the first time in the exhibition in which all religious itineraries worldwide participate.

He said that Egypt is an ancient country with historical and religious civilization.

It is the first country in the world to embrace the three religions, and it is also the only country in the world to which the three Abrahamic religions accept the precence of God’s miracles  in Sinai.

Egypt also embraced the Holy Family’s escape attempt of Jesus more than 2,000 years ago.

He hoped for greater participation of Egypt in the next exhibition.

This type of exhibition is a great opportunity for  participants to see the itinerary and journey of the Holy Family that fled and took refuge in Egypt.

The itinerary of the Holy Family consists of 27 points that Egypt has been blessed with. 

Nader Gerges, CEO of the Heritage Revival and Development Coalition, said in his speech at the exhibition that the exhibition is an opportunity for the world to see the efforts made by Egypt to develop the Holy Family path points and receive tourists from different countries of the world.

Essa Iskandar, head of the Egyptian-Italian Holy Path said that this exhibition is a great opportunity for Egypt to present the project to more than 200 exhibitors for three days, especially since the exhibition management has placed the Egyptian path on its promotional agenda.

Adly Hussein, head of the Heritage Revival and Development Foundation Coalition, expressed his happiness with Egypt’s participation in the Holy Family project and considered it a historic opportunity to present Egypt’s efforts. 

“Our role as an institution is based on supporting the Egyptian state in highlighting the Egyptian heritage, and the path of the Holy Family is one of the oldest heritages in the world,“ Hussein said.

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