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Egypt ranks 3rd most physically attractive Arab nation

A report from the website “Pour Moi” judging the most physically attractive nationalities worldwide has ranked Egypt third in the Arab world and 44th globally.

Handsomeness and physical attractiveness standards differ from one environment to another, according to cultures and customs, though there are some common characteristics that most agree on, including height, good looks and body consistency.

The website, which belongs to a famous clothing brand in the UK, produced the ranking by analyzing thousands of posts on Reddit about attractive nationalities.

India topped the ranking, as it ranked first with 2,628 votes, ahead of the US, which came in second with 1,936 votes, and Sweden in third place with 1,899 votes.

Egypt ranked 44th place, with 117 votes, immediately after Saudi Arabia, which ranked 43rd with 125 votes. Lebanon ranked 25th with 340 votes, making it first place in the Arab world.

Egypt thus ranked as the third most physically attractive third in the Arab world.

According to the statistic, Japanese people ranked fourth, Canadians fifth and Brazilians sixth.

The rest of the top ten countries include France (seventh), Italy (eighth), Ukraine (nineth) and Denmark (10th).

“When it comes to the most attractive women around the world, Indian women top the list of Reddit publications, for their extremely beautiful looks in Bollywood cinema, where women wear gorgeous gowns and have eye-catching hair, among other things,” “Pour Moi” wrote.

“As for the Japanese and Swedish women, they both have a distinctive and unique appearance. They are envied for their ultra-pure skin, and they are fashion lovers,” the website added.

“Indian men are known for their good looks that attract people, in addition to their strong family values that people find attractive. There are also Italian men, who are known to be very passionate about life and more expressive of their emotions, so it is easy to see why users find them so attractive.”

As part of the report, Midjourney, an AI image generation tool, was used to produce visual images of what attractive people looked like in 14 countries based on the data gathered.

The top 50 attractive nationalities in order, according to the report:

  1. India
  2. US
  3. Sweden
  4. Japan
  5. Canada
  6. Brazil
  7. France
  8. Italy
  9. Ukraine
  10. Denmark
  11. Poland
  12. UK
  13. Germany
  14. Spain
  15. Mexico
  16. China
  17. Ireland
  18. Israel
  19. The Netherlands
  20. Colombia
  21. Norway
  22. Turkey
  23. Australia
  24. New Zealand
  25. Lebanon
  26.  Romania
  27. Pakistan
  28. Czech Republic
  29. Finland
  30. Greece
  31. Venezuela
  32. Ethiopia
  33. Philippines
  34. Thailand
  35. Portugal
  36. Vietnam
  37. Iceland
  38. Hungary
  39. Somalia
  40. Armenia
  41. Belgium
  42. Croatia
  43. Saudi Arabia
  44. Egypt
  45. Chile
  46. Cuba
  47. Albania
  48. Latvia
  49. Indonesia
  50. Switzerland

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