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Egypt Supply Ministry ends exceptional support for 36 million citizens

The Egyptian Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Ali al-Moselhi, announced that exceptional support for 36 million vulnerable citizens will be terminated starting from Saturday.

The exceptional support that is paid to some beneficiaries on ration cards ended on June 30, as the tenth batch disbursed with June rations, is the last.

The Egyptian Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade had started disbursing exceptional support since September 2022 to about 36 million citizens registered on 7.7 million ration cards, to aid the neediest families.

The ministry has spent exceptional support in the form of commodities on the ration card at LE100 for each card that includes one family, LE 200 for cards that include two families, and LE 300 for ration cards that includes three families.

The exceptional support commodities were disbursed to the beneficiaries over a period of ten months, in conjunction with the disbursement of the monthly rations, through about 40,000 ration outlets nationwide.

The Egyptian Ministry of Supply had determined the groups eligible for exceptional support according to criteria for classifying the neediest, such as divorcees and widows, as well as temporary and seasonal workers, those who earn minimum wages or less, and beneficiaries of the “Takaful and Karama” program.

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