Egypt unveils ‘Damej’, an application providing website access for people with special needs

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Sunday participated in the “Diferently Abled” celebration for people with special abilities, held at Al-Manara Center in the Fifth Settlement.

President Sisi inspected an exhibition for people of determination, which included new products for people with disabilities, and listened to the exhibitors and exchanged talk with them.

Among those products was “Damej” (Merge), a tool that provides access to websites for those with visual and/or hearing impairments.

The application was designed in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program in Egypt.

President Sisi recommended that the Minister of Social Solidarity conduct television interviews with such projects to introduce them to society.

The founder of the application Hazem Salem said that “We found that people with hearing disabilities deal through sign language, so we allowed Damej to convert words and lines on the screen into sign letters, so that they can be read in sign language.”

|Thus, the person can understand the content on the website, and this method helps to facilitate and speed up the browsing by people with hearing disabilities, as it is better than the traditional method of converting every topic on the site into a video in sign language, which takes great time and effort,” Salem said.

Salem added that for the visually impaired, there is a screen reader in Damej that can read the entire site in both Arabic and English.

Damej offers features that help the visually impaired, such as enlarging the font, showing the links on the site clearly, decreasing the screen brightness for those who are sensitive to high light, expanding the spaces between lines so that they are readable, increasing the pointer on the screen, and many other features that are currently under development.

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