Egyptian center: Cabinet ignored studies in decision to demolish NDP building

The Egyptian center for the promotion of culture and heritage (Irtiqaa) has rejected the decision by the Cabinet to demolish the defunct National Democratic Party's (NDP) building.
In a statement on Thursday, the center said the building is undamaged, as per reports by experts, adding that the government has not taken into consideration economic studies that could justify the decision to demolish the building or show the possibility of converting it in a way that favors the national economy.
Irtiqaa added that leaving the building empty or even replacing it with a garden instead of investing in it will eliminate the possibility of profiting from it or fighting unemployment.
Soheir Hawas, head of the central department for studies at the National Organization for Urban Harmony, said the destruction of the building will result in losing part of the country's history, adding that the building tells a real story and is part of Egypt’s history.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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