Egyptian citizen’s ‘invention’ may ease power outage problem

Frequent power cuts and the sinking of entire regions in darkness, pushed Osama Ayoub, an electricity school teacher in Gerga, Sohag, to invent an electric system to reduce electrical loads while maintaining a current rate enough for lighting and running some small electrical appliances.

The invention, currently being examined and tested by the Ministry of Electricity, can solve the problem of power outages by providing another source of electricity to consumers during outages. The alternative source of electricity will be limited, so as not to exceed 1,000 watts.

Consumers can turn to that source manually. In case the load exceeds 1,000 watts, the power will cut automatically until the consumer disconnects the source of the extra load.

"My invention will force citizens to rationalize consumption and will provide an alternative source of electricity to the consumer without the need of flashlights or generators when the reason for the outage is to ease loads and not maintenance," Ayoub said.

Through the system, consumers can run small loads such as bulbs, ceiling fans and televisions and thus the government can increase the period of easing loads without causing concerns to citizens.

Ayoub submitted a request to the Ministry of Electricity to approve the use of his invention.

In response, the Holding Company for Electricity formed a committee of engineers to discuss the idea with him and wrote a report on his invention that has been submitted to the minister's office for review.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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