Egyptian Copts in Austria speak out against Abu Qurqas convictions

The Coptic Kimi Organization for Human Rights in Austria submitted on Thursday a complaint to Egypt’s ruling military council, prime minister, justice minister and the Egyptian embassy in Austria demanding the retrial of 12 Coptic suspects who were sentenced to life in prison in the Abu Qurqas sedition case.

“The Kimi Organization for Human Rights in Austria has submitted an official complaint demanding a retrial after the issuance of a ruling by the Minya Criminal Court which sentenced 12 Copts to life in prison and acquitted eight Muslim suspects,” the head of the organization, Farid Bekheet, told Al-Masry Al-Youm.

In April 2011, a fight broke out between some residents of Abu Qurqas village in Minya Governorate over the construction of a speed bump outside the house of a Christian lawyer.

The fight resulted in the deaths of three people and the burning of several houses and barns.

Bekheet demanded re-conducting investigations to reveal the real suspects, suspending the ruling, paying compensation for the racist rulings and reconstruction of the ruined houses.

“Our love for Egypt requires us to complete the 25 January revolution. Copts’ rights are part of the revolution’s demands,” he added.

If the ruling is not suspended, the organization said it will resort to the European Union, United Nations and all rights organizations.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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