Egyptian dentist accused of sexual harassment sent to criminal trial

Public prosecutors on Tuesday ordered that a high-profile dentist be referred to criminal trial over sexually harassing four men.

Prosecutors referred the dentist to court based on the testimony of six witnesses and video clips found on his phone of the victims.

The Egyptian Interior Ministry announced in January the arrest of a famous dentist on charges of sexual harassment and misconduct against male patients and visitors to his clinic.

Several patients and artists have brought forth claims of sexual harassment and extortion against the dentist, including actor/screenwriter Abbas Abul-Hassan and singer/songwriter Tameem Youness.

Abul-Hassan said that he was one of the parties involved in entrapping the dentist, who has allegedly sexually harassed his patients for over 30 years.

Abul-Hassan stressed that he refused to listen to those who told him to remain silent about his experience. He said that those around him tried to discourage him from coming forward, fearing public disgrace.

Youness meanwhile came forward with his story of being sexually assaulted by the dentist in August, detailing the incident in a video on his official Instagram account.

During a visit to the doctor, Youness said that the dentist began asking him sexually suggestive questions, which lead to him pulling down Youness’s pants and grabbing his genitals.

He stated that this incident has made him stand with all women who keep silent after being sexual assaulted.

Egyptian Public Prosecutor Hamada al-Sawy ordered an investigation into the reports in September, after the prosecution received a notice on September 1 from the attorney of three individuals who had been sexually abused by a dentist.

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