Egyptian labor protests continue

Protests among workers of the Egyptian postal, subway and mining services continued on Monday.

In the cities of Kafr al-Sheikh and Fayoum, Egyptian Post workers staged protests, demanding better salaries and bonuses.

Workers of the Subway Authority staged protests in Helwan. They wanted to substitute their temporary contracts with permanent ones. “The authority’s president had on 17 January ordered permanent contracts for us,” said Islam Ahmed. “But his orders were not carried out even though we have been working here for 15 years.”

Miners in the Baharia Oasis also staged protests. They demanded higher wages and better working conditions

In Minya, Coptic Christians on Sunday protested before the city’s security headquarters. They claimed they were denied elections cards and thus would not be able to cast their votes in the upcoming referendum on constitutional amendments.

In Ismailia, workers of the Suez Canal Authority staged protests for better salaries and bonuses.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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