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Egyptian official ridicules accusations of alleged police violations during COP27

The representative of the Egyptian presidency of the COP27 conference, Wael Abul-Magd, described the accusations of “violations of the code of conduct” by the Egyptian police as “ridiculous.”

“The people we spoke to, especially in developing countries, are tired of these attempts to deliberately divert attention from climate problems,” Abul-Magd said.

The United Nations, which is responsible for security at the COP27 climate summit in Egypt, announced that it was investigating possible “violations of the code of conduct” by the Egyptian police after the German delegation said it felt “watched”.

AFP quoted a German diplomatic source as saying: “The German delegation submitted a complaint because it felt that it was being watched.

Discussions took place with the Egyptian side,” as the German section hosted a session on human rights that attracted attention.

Liane Schalatek is the Associate Director of the Washington Office of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, told ZDF television, that she’s watching and feels much less comfortable than the previous COP conferences.

She continued, “When we book a room for meetings related to civil society discussions, the technical support cameras are always directed at the faces of the participants.


This is unusual and useless, and we cannot rule out the possibility that everything will be recorded.”

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