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Egyptian Space Agency announces successful launch of experimental satellite ‘Nexsat-1’

The CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA), Sherif Sedqi announced the successful launch of the experimental satellite “Nexsat-1” on Saturday, off the coast of the city of Yangjiang in Guangdong Province in China.

The initial signals from the experimental satellite were successfully received for the first time at the agency’s headquarters.

This comes under the Egyptian national space program to develop satellite technology.

“Nexsat-1” is the first experimental remote sensing satellite developed in cooperation with the German company “BST”, and is considered one of the stages of developing space systems for satellites within the EgSA.

Egypt’s side was tasked with developing critical software and operating systems, as well as functional testing operations for satellite systems and the subsequent integration, assembly and testing procedures by a team of more than sixty expert engineers in many specializations related to satellite technologies.

Launching this satellite aims to localize the design technology and software for microsat satellites in preparation for manufacturing satellites with the aim of serving the sustainable development goals and also generating an economic return for the state by manufacturing this model for others.

Nexsat-1 is equipped with two single-spectrum cameras with a resolution of 5 meters, in addition to a wide-range camera. It weighs 70 kilograms and is classified as a “Micro class” satellite with 60*60*60 cc dimensions.

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